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January 31st, 2014

ww1 film pic
(picture By Judith Brodnicki)

As a lot of you will know I am one of many knitting for a film, the film is a low budget, accurate (as much as it can be) account of a village in ww1, so far we have had donations for yarn such as Rowan (which is just one of a few!) time donated by people, not only to knit the items I believe that most if not all involved have donated their time and resources! Time is being given for free so that the film can be made as well as an exhibition so people can learn more about this period of our history.

The team behind this have done a fantastic job, not only in organizing us but also finding the yarn and items we need, but there is only so far this can be stretched before the yarn pot runs dry! so please can we all get behind this great kickstarter project to raise more funds for the much needed yarn that will make this film a success!

The lovely Judith Brodnicki, who kindly donated the yarn for me to make the first shawl, has made a lovely wrap scarf, and you can buy this pattern from her, it has been re-written for the modern knitter, and the money will be going to the project, Thank you  Judith!

Vest Scarf by Judith Brobnicki
Vest Scarf by Judith Brobnicki

To purchase this pattern click here

And Have a read and back this project  here

What this doesn’t mention (if i have understood correctly) is the proceeded from the film will be going to the Restoration of the village Church, the church holds a stain glass window commemorating the death of one of the villagers who fought and died in the war without the funds the church will have to be demolished!

This a project I am passionate about, not only have I learnt so much about this part of our history but also so much about patters and how they were written and put together, when all is done I am hoping to take my children to see the exhibition and for them to learn about ww1. I certainly know a lot more now than I did a few months ago and I can not thank the people behind the film enough as this will add to my children’s education and mine! after this film I do think I will carry on knitting and adapting these patters as it has now become something I am enjoying! I have always loved researching and the patterns can be rewritten for both the beginner AND the more experience knitter in what I like to call ‘knitting code’

by Juniper Askew

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