Hectic Week Ripping Back My Knitting!

December 19th, 2013

This week is the run up to Alban Arthan for us and I like to get all Christmas gifts out of the way by then so I can relax after our celebration, every year I am so far behind and we stay up until around 3am preparing food and wrapping the last of the presents!

Cooking is a big part of our festival, veggies that are in season, meat, not usually turkey!

I have half done our yule log, just needs icing, a yule log is usually a big, well HUGE piece of wood that will burn in the hearth for days to keep us warm! that is what the yule log ‘cake’ symbolizes for us the change from the harsh winter and the light coming back to us!

Currently I am baking the cakes that my son helped mix, we covered the table in flour and cake mix as well as ourselves too! 24 vanilla already cooked, 7 more vanilla and 17 Cinnamon in the oven and more mix (choccy) waiting to go in! my son is now tucked up in bed and will hep me make a mess with icing tomorrow 😀

As for my knitting, well maybe it is all that nagging my son did, maybe it payed off! I am on schedule so a very happy knit I am!

Last weekend we went away for a surprise party so I had a few hours off knitting, while away I had decided to do a 2×2 rib hat which was great because it would fit most people from child to adult and I really wasn’t sure on head size! the problem was for the life of me I could not decide the best way to decrease so I gave it a go and had to rip it back, not something you want to do when you have a 7 year old giving you hourly reminders of how close to the dead line you are, so there I am at my in-laws click. click, clicking away, my mother in law had this horrific look on her face when I ripped it back! she did say she would just scrap it, but on no not me, I get that stubborn streak of ‘I will do this, if it is the last thing I knit!’ and so when I realized that I had to rip it back for the second time, well I am not sure there are many words for it!

I knitted 2 rows one with decrease and decided to do the sensible thing, put it down and and not touch it till I was in the safety of my knitting group, on Monday morning… it was really frustrating because I knew at the time it was the most simple and obvious thing! how can anyone struggle with such a simple thing! I have now put thins down to just being away and going to a party, I was just not concentrating, so I picked up some double pointed needles and started knitting up a pair of hand warmers, with harts on, you know me! always need something to knit!

So Monday I go along to knitting and talk to one of the good knitters there, well she didn’t even need to say it! right away I said I need to decrease to a 1×1 rib then decrease down the crown, I sat there and knitted it without much thought decreasing were I needed and finishing the hat! why is it sometimes we just forget the simple things!? I’m also partly putting it down to tiredness as well as the party, I didn’t sleep at all on Friday!

2x2 rib stripy hat

2×2 rib stripy hat

Most of my knitting for the season has been hats and hand warmers – stripy, lace, rib.., with the odd named scarf and stocking along with a few other bits!

here are a couple of other hats I have made in the last few weeks

hat to match hand warmers

hat to match hand warmers

lace hat

lace hat matches swirl hand warmers

Finally I am nearly there, nearly all knitted up, but I have picked up my crochet hook to see if I can get one more thing done, that’s just me, never happy unless I’m making something! if it isn’t done in time I really don’t care 🙂

here are a few other bis, I won’t bore you by putting it all on here!!

ribbon scarf

ribbon scarf



and even a snow flake and bell

and even a snow flake and bell

by Juniper Askew

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