Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year

December 23rd, 2013

I knew I shouldn’t have been too optimistic when boasting I was nearly ready and fairly prepared! we ended up going to bed in the wee hours of the morning! just like every other year and with only some of the veg prepared! however it was much more relaxed than every other year, no hectic rushing about and panicking that we wouldn’t be ready, and no yearly argument the night before, usually something silly from tiredness I think! we just went about the things we needed to to calmly and at a comfortable pace and all was well in our house hold!

The first things my children opened were knitted items, they both have one thing at the foot of the bed, they came in to our room and settled on our bed all excited and opened them it was lovely! they were both very appreciative and enthusiastic about whet they had, mittens for my daughter with the yarn she chose, she originally wanted hand warmers but I had noticed the tips of her fingers getting really cold so made a quick last minute adaption! she still seems to call them hand warmers though!!

And a jumper for my son which I had adapted from a vest, he helped design it with the stitching he wanted, turned out ok when on!… I had my doubts!

Believe it or not this is the first time I have picked up the laptop! we have just been having some really nice family time all together and it is only the start of the holidays so I am loving that we have weeks left of this (remind me of this in a weeks time!) my lovely husband is always working so much these days that it is nice to see him wondering what to do as he has ‘time’ he never gets much of that!

Now it is the run up to Christmas and I have been hearing that in our city it is soooo busy and the traffic is manic so I am glad that I am tucked away indoors playing and Knitting!

We are having family round for  a ‘British Christmas’ as my parents and little brother live in Australia so want the whole big thing, they went to a snowy part of aus in July and had Christmas in July as it is just too hot and ‘not the same’ in December, of course if it was us in Australia we would be celebrating alban hefin! (summer solstice!)

Usually we just have a ordinary day day on the 25th or travell up to my in-laws on the day, roads are super quiet! but it will be nice to have the whole family here…and my husband is cooking 😀 stuffed turkey, and all the trimmings, lucky me 😀

As I got 40 balls of yarn and lots of patterns I shall be very busy knitting away as well as playing with family and doing family things, I intend to spend as little time as possible on my laptop, other than sourcing yarn for a few things that i am knitting for people!

I do wish everyone a happy Christmas and a happy new year xx

by Juniper Askew

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