Go On Pick Up That Extra Yarn!!

November 21st, 2013

We all love this time of year, seeing lights go on, shopping, singing organizing merriment and wrapping pressies, crafting away till our heart is content, today I did some decopatch while my daughter went to town with some sticking and gluing of her own….

I have spoken to many who love this time of year knitter or no we love snuggling down in some comfy pajamas, with a nice warm drink and a blanket (maybe a roaring fire!?) and for us knitters a nice little project to knit up while the weather does it’s thing outside….we love this time of year because once we shut that door behind us we can keep warm and ignore the bitterness out there….

like many I am finding myself frantically knitting for Christmas, every time I sit down to knit I find that a new item I can make seems to pop into mind, the list really is endless..hats, scarfs, blankets my beloved had warmers! so many things to knit up and for so many people, I have finished jumpers and some bits I cant tell…shhh spoilers!

but something I feel is just as important if not more so is making sure that the people who really need things get them, I can knit tings for friends and family and say they NEED this for Christmas, or birthday or just because but they can go without…. there are so many elderly people out there who need to keep warm and with rising fuel costs just cant bring themselves to put the heating on, spare a thought for them and maybe a blanket! and those who are spending these butter nights on the streets in the bitter cold, this is not the time to judge them on how they got there but the time to knit a scarf or hat…or maybe both!?

the family’s who have children in hospital and just don’t have the time or energy to shop around for gifts, a knitted teddy or doll will put a smile on a child’s face, not to mention mum and dad!

and the tiny preemie babies who ‘s parents did not expect to meet there baby quite so soon! the clothes that are provided for them are so valued all year around but at this time of year trying to fight the shops for clothes that fit is something they could really do without!

there are so many good causes that could do with our help, and so many people who really do appreciate it, so while your out picking up your yarn for your next Christmas knit spare a though for others around you and pick up that extra ball!

I mentioned knitters and natters in my last post they are great if you can’t think of a charity to send your knit to then send it to their HQ!

The UK address is:
Knitters and natters Charity Matters,(Julie and Richard Speed)
1 North Halt,
Keddington Road,
Louth, Lincs.
LN11 0AA


by Juniper Askew

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2 comments on “Go On Pick Up That Extra Yarn!!”

  1. Talking Trees Gallery commented on 22nd November 20131:34 am

    Knitting in winter is a deeply emotional thing that hits at the heart of who we are. Knitting for the sick and needy helps not only them, but yourself as well. It helps relieve the helplessness that everyone feels when they see the sheer enormity of illness and poverty.Don't just throw money or words at the problem. Knit, sew or weave a solution. These are not meaningless efforts to the people who receive them.

    1. juniperaskew commented on 22nd November 20135:40 pm

      well said, and thank you, i think you just said it a lot better than me...i picked up that extra ball today and hope others did too xx

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