Fun Without Yarn!

March 16th, 2014

Well after my pondering on when is a good time and place to knit, I headed out to a friends and met a bunch of lovely lady’s for the first time, I met my friend though knitting..well she crochets, we were invited to see her lovely new kitchen and a good old natter with her and her friends.

My friend was a lovely hostess, lots of lovely nibbles…well lots more than just nibbles … and I think she just invented the perfect non alcoholic equivilent of pinapple and Malibu! I love the drink but I can not tolerate alcohol, it was’t the same but it was lush!

I took my knitting….there is just this part of me that feels unsettled if I leave the house without some yarn in tow, and as I said yesterday it really wouldn’t make a difference to how much attention I am paying to something or weather I am bored….it’s just my thing, I knit all the time!

Having said that, I did not even think about my knitting! Although it came up in conversation I didn’t feel the need to get it out, or feel that I needed something to do with my hands….mind you I ate quite a bit, I camped out near the food, I made the mistake of sitting down and once I was there I was not moving!

If I had my knitting would I have eaten less?

yes I would, but maybe I would have gone hungry, I admit I am often sat knitting away and time goes by, I dont feel hungry until I get a pain telling me it has gone passed food time, that’s not healthy!

I don’t know if getting my knitting out would have stopped the conversation, or whether maybe as I didn’t know anyone it would have made a barrier and stopped people approaching me, but what I do know is that even somone as obcessed with knitting as I am can have a good time without yarn!

….it just doesn’t happen very often!

by Juniper Askew

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