Free Pattern To Save Lives!

December 28th, 2013

When we fall ill, have an operation or have an accident, we often take it for granted that the hospital will patch us up and send us on our way, we accept that if there is nothing they can do that they have done their best, the sad thing is that sometimes it isn’t the hospital letting us down it is the people around us! do you know anyone who has had blood transfusion? maybe it has saved their life? this was certainly the case for my husband, without the much needed blood that was donated he would not be here with us now! that is the harsh reality of it! the people who donated that blood don’t realize that it is the most amazing gift we have ever had and we owe them a lot!

But there isn’t enough blood! every day we need 7,000 units of blood and with only 4% of us (who can) are donating we desperately need more, can you imagine how it would feel if you found out your loved one died because not enough people donated! I often feel bad as I cannot donate blood, I have no problem with needles and would be more than happy to, maybe this is why it is so important to me, to make people aware of just how much it is needed!

There are a lot of people out there who are scared of needles but over come it just long enough give blood and they do it time and time again,people who don’t have much time but squeeze it in in a lunch break, we can make many excuses and ignore it but really those peoples lives depend on it!

People who gave blood, all of them, well we owe them an awful lot and are so great full!

i may not be able to donate blood but one thing i can do is knit some of these blood droplets and raise awareness of just how precious each drop really is! the drops will be used to promote blood donation and hopefully get more people donating!

here are the free patters for double knit, chunky and Aron, 2D and 3D they are different sizes and different needles, just raid your stash and see what you can do!

they need to be with the lovely Dorothy Potts BEFORE Jan 12th (2014) Рthe address is at the bottom of the post.

‘click’ pictures to read more clearly

blood droplets 2d large

blood droplets 2d large

blood droplets 2d medium

blood droplets 2d medium

blood droplets 2d small

blood droplets 2d small

blood droplets 3d large

blood droplets 3d large

blood droplets 3d medium

blood droplets 3d medium

blood droplets 3d small

blood droplets 3d small

pick up your needles and give it a try, and help someone live another day xx

The address

HAS BEEN REMOVED AS CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED, however blood is still needed so if you can please consider donating x

oh! and this is another knitters and natters project!

by Juniper Askew

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5 comments on “Free Pattern To Save Lives!”

  1. grannywillis commented on 30th December 201312:26 pm

    Hi there! Thanks for following my blog, and promoting this appeal - I've had a little look at your facebook group, and everyone's support has been fantastic! Happy Knitting - Granny Willis x

  2. juniperaskew commented on 3rd January 20142:25 pm

    hiya, although i would love to take the credit, this blog post it is thanks to the wonderful Dorothy Potts who drew my attention to it, and Knitters and natters who suggest great projects for me to contribute to, the people who run the group are amazing they spend a lot of time organizing things, collecting and distributing it all out to were it needs to go, i just knit it and send it, and compared to some of the people i knit little! it's such an amazing and supportive group! i am so glad you had a look and can see why i love it so much,i am all for promoting projects that need support, and thank you for this great blood drops project xx

    1. grannywillis commented on 8th January 20144:46 pm

      Hiya, I'm loving following the facebook group - It's so great and really fun to see what other knitters are up to! Happy Knitting xx

      1. juniperaskew commented on 8th January 201411:29 pm

        ooh so you have seen Dorothy Potts box of droplets ready to send off!? :D

        1. grannywillis commented on 9th January 20147:10 am

          I have! And I've shared it on my face book page! :D

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