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October 10th, 2013

Heart Bag Pattern Front

I mentioned in my first post that I met the brilliant duo Ruth and Belinda well I would now like to take the time to tell you a little more about them I recently met them in Exeter at a craft show I knew they would be there selling lovely wools and patterns, I was particularly excited as I had just bought a magazine with a pattern of theirs in, I often buy the magazine but I only bought it this time for their pattern! now as much as I did want to go and meet them ( they are lovely people by the way) and to see all there lovely things, what I wanted to do the most was do my bit for a charity they are supporting, KIDSCOMPANY, they travel around and do shows but not only to promote themselves, in fact they were not promoting themselves any more than anyone else I think even less so, what they were more interested in was making sure that children around the uk get something special  doing there bit against child poverty, children who are neglected and abused.

As a mother I hate to see any child sad or unhappy and this just pulls at my heart strings, Ruth and Belinda have set up space next to there stall so people come along and knit a bag, a heart shaped bag for a child out there who desperately needs to feel loved, again that ping in my heart, a child needing to feel loved, every child should feel love, every child has that right no matter what to feel loved! so we (my nanna and myself) sat down and knitted we followed the pattern Ruth and Belinda had made and with every stitch of love we knitted a heart shaped bag for a child but our bag represents only one child there are so many children who need our love and we can show them that there are people out there who want to share the love we have, so please pick up you needles and crochet hooks or even get out your sewing machines, felt a bag maybe but please show a child that they are loved, not because they need to earn it but because they are children and they have the right to be loved!

The bags have to be in for 14th of February 2014, and will be taken up to london.

I have added the pattern below, at the show ruth said i could photo copy and hand out so this it my way of handing out, there are two patterns, it just depends on how you feel..

Heart Bag Pattern

‘click’ to enlarge and view the patterns clearly x

EDIT: The charity work etc. relating to this post are no longer relevant. Howeer I have decided to keep this post up for the pattern

by Juniper Askew

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5 comments on “Free pattern for a good cause”

  1. Gena Merritt commented on 3rd December 20137:55 pm

    was interested in doing this but can't find the pattern anywhere! :(

    1. juniperaskew commented on 4th December 20132:53 pm

      there should be a pattern on this page not sure what has happened to them so am looking into it, i have permission to use them on here bear with me am trying to fix it and you should have a pattern and address soon xxx

    2. juniperaskew commented on 4th December 20133:10 pm

      try it now should be there if not please do let me know xx

  2. Gena Merritt commented on 4th December 20134:56 pm

    works now! thanks!

  3. juniperaskew commented on 4th December 20135:04 pm

    no problem, if it happens again please do let me know x

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