Free knitting Pattern, Boobies for mums (and mum’s to be)

October 31st, 2013

We don’t talk about boobs much do we, it’s one of those Taboo words, I often find myself wondering why it is such a taboo word!

yes! yes! I can see why it is sometimes, we do have far too much media of woman flashing their boobs about for money, game’s, movies and TV!

well I am one of those woman who some would say ‘flashed’ her boobs about! in Public! quite a lot! and there is nothing wrong with it! at dinner, in a restaurant, and even at a party!

go back 7 years and walking down the street and shopping with them ‘visible’ would have been an average day,

now while I see that this is completely unnecessary and not what is ‘normal’ but would you change your view if I said I was doing my best as a mother, feeding my baby with my milk but at the same time I was not going to hide away indoors for months (years) on end!

breastfeeding is the best thing I have done for my children, it was hard and frustrating and at times soooo painful that words cannot describe it, BUT it was also the best and most treasured thing I have done, the memories and the bonding was so valuable!

I breastfed my son for about 9 moths, I expressed to start with and breastfed but after a couple of months I had to start with ‘top up’s’ due to him having been premature and not putting on enough weight, I am not sure if this was necessary now I know more about breastfeeding (mostly thanks to The Leaky Boob and leakies ) but I did what I thought right at the time and I do not regret this!

Although I feel breastfeeding is first choice I also feel people should not feel bad or unhappy if the choose not to or cannot, it’s important but so is happiness!

my daughter was born late! I was told there was no way she would be late and to prepare for another early baby, so when I got to 40weeks it was a shock! by the time she arrived I was barely walking and the birth really wiped me out, breastfeeding was a must! I never ‘decided’ I would breast feed over bottle feed I was brought up to believe you breastfeed and then formula is there for if we can’t, it just never really crossed my mind to start with a bottle! with both children I didn’t buy any formula in advance, only when I was told we needed it! I couldn’t really make bottles and had no energy for the washing and making them up, at the time I couldn’t really even lift the kettle so it suited us very well, it was just easier! we breastfed till she was just over two, when due to one of my medical problems we had to stop, but I am happy that we did as long a we did.

when I had my son I had to express while in hospital and once he was out of hospital I had to express and measure his milk then record it so that the doctors/midwives/nurses could see he was getting the right amount of milk, it seemed he was getting the right amount but not putting on weight so this is why we had to move over to formula 🙁

so flash forward to now, my local breastfeeding group, (also on facebook) who supported me a lot with my daughter, asked for Knitted Boobies and naturally I thought this was great, I really could have done with this first time round, the idea is that they can then use them to teach mothers how to express, both by hand and with a pump, and how to line baby up for a better latch, it is so useful for many things! so i picked up my needles and knitted one up.

I know that if there where some of these around when I had my son it would have been so useful for me, it would have made explaining so much easier!

I have since learned that there are people who have had breast cancer and have used knitted boobs after a mastectomy, i know people in the uk have used boobs very similar to this one via breastfeeding support groups, i am not sure my pattern will suit all as some groups have set patterns to stick to but if you want to knit for a cancer boob charity this will point you in the right direction x

And here is a good start, both these links are US charity’s.

so if you can please knit up some and send them out to you local breastfeeding groups, children centers and maternity units or if you know of anyone collecting the for cancer patients you could see about using the links above and knit for them xxx

I used;

Double knit yarn, but as long as you use the same type of yarn for the whole pattern it shouldn’t matter too much

Two colours a larger amount for the main and a small amount for the nipple

Any colours are ok, some people will prefer a more ‘normal’ colour and some a more colourful ‘fun’ boob!

Different yarns will create different sizes which is absolutely ok because were not all the same right!?

1 ball is more than enough

Pair of 3¼ mm needles/UK size 10/us size 3 but to be honest it doesn’t matter too much on the size!


Cast on 73 stitches

Cast on 73 stitches

Work stocking stitch (knit one row purl one row)

Work stocking stitch (knit one row purl one row)

work 20 rows of stocking stitch

21st row: k2, *K2 tog, K5, rep from * to last st k1

Purl row

next row:  K2, *K2 tog, K4, rep from * to end

Purl row

K2, *K2 tog, K3, rep from * to end

change to other yarn

and purl

next row: K2, *K2 tog, K2, rep from * to end


K2, *K2 tog, K1, rep from*  to end


K2, *K2 tog, rep from * to last st, k1

work 4 rows stocking  stitch

slip all these stitches to other needle

slip all these stitches to other needle

Break yarn, starting with stitch at point of needle, thread through remaining stitches

I do this by doing a knit st and instead of keeping stitch on needle I pull the yarn through,

knit st and keeping st on needle pull the yarn through

knit st and keeping st on needle pull the yarn through

draw up and fasten off.

draw up and fasten off.

Sew sides together

Sew sides together

make a draw string stitch around the base of the nipple

thread draw string trough and pull a little

thread draw string trough and pull a little

tighten just enough to make it nipple shape, don’t worry if its a little wonky!

for the bottom it is best to crochet a circle, a knitted one stretches a bit too much, I got half way on my knit and realised it wouldn’t work!

to crochet a  circle I made this up but if you have a better way go for it because this took me a while!

I should at this point to tell you I am not a crocheter, only around knitting edges and boarders so I found this hard!

I used a 4mm hook so it would be a bit quicker, I don’t think size matters but as your stuffing it the gaps shouldn’t be too big

make a ring for crochet, there are a few ways to do this a magic ring is good if you know how

9 double crochet (Dc) into ring (you can do any number you are happy with but the hole shouldn’t be too big)

join with a slip stitch in first chain and work in the round

round1: Dc in each st

round1: 2dc in each st

i changed to treble, because it was quicker!

round1: 1 treble (Tr) in each st

remembering to slip stitch the round together and chain up!

round1: 2 Tr in each st

Rep last 2 rounds until your circle fits the base

crochet circle for base

crochet circle for base

Instead of fastening off I used the last stitch to attach the base by using a slip stitch all the way around attaching base to boob

on a previous one I sewed it in place and I found crocheting them together was neater!

Left sewn, Right crochet

Left sewn, Right crochet

matching pair...almost!

matching pair…almost!


nursing my daughter, about 7 months

nursing my daughter, about 7 months

by Juniper Askew

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