Film Premiere & Knitting Exhibition

November 12th, 2014

I have taken a few days before getting around to writing this blog post, partly because I am not sure where to start!

It all started a little over a year ago when the lovely Pauline Loven asked for a few people to knit items for a film she was working on, Tell Them Of Us. The film sounded fab and I was up for it, turns out a lot of us wanted to knit for the film, about 300 of us, how fantastic!

Well on the weekend it was the film premier (Woooo!) so we travelled up to Lincoln to see the film, and to finally meet some of the lovely people I have gotten to know over the past year. It was AMAZING seeing all the wonderful knits on screen, the film was fantastic, everything from the acting to the music was great, everyone did a fantastic job!

tell them of us screening

I met so many amazing people. It was so nice finally chatting about knitting and the film in person rather than by message and e-mail, i really enjoyed myself, It was so so lovely meeting the amazing Richard speed and Dorothy pots, there are a few of us who have been knitting squares for Dorothy to make blankets with for hospitals and homeless people, as well as other charity’s, she is part of the charity that started my obsession with log cabin blocks!

You may also know that I, along with a lot of other knitters, have been lucky enough to be part of Centenary stitches, this is a pattern book of over 70 knits/crochet from the film. All of the knits I would wear today, a lot of the patterns we worked on had to be translated to our ‘modern’ language we now use, also to modern sizes, the old patterns often assumed you already knew how to adapt for size and shape as well as assuming you had been knitting from the day you could pick up a ball of yarn!

A big well done to Elizabeth Lovick & Judith Brodnicki, for making this book happen. It was lovely that Judith got to make it over the pond and see her hard work, she has done so much design work, I believe a lot of the design work in centenary stitches is the work of this lovely lady.

The book is lovely, so well put together, and so rich in pictures. As you can see we are all very impressed

centenary stitches knitters

As I mentioned a lot of us knitted for the film and the book. What do you do with such a fantastic wardrobe once filming has finished? Well you put it in an exhibition so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful work!

The Collection, centenary stitches, tell them of us exhibition

This is now showing at The Collection in Lincoln and is a Must see for any knitter/crocheter!!

There are other fantastic items worn in the film as well as the knitted ones, hubby was very impressed with these and we have both come away feeling inspired! 😀

Well for now I will leave it at that, so much more to say, and more pictures to share…

Thank you for letting me use your pictures, unfortunately I forgot my camera so I am relying on other peoples photos for memories.

by Juniper Askew

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