Festival preperation

June 11th, 2016

here in the TBK house hold we will be spending the next week preparing for 3 wishes faery fest!!
we are very excited! and have received our tickets now!!
so lots of sewing, stitching and costume making to be finished!
and lots to keep us busy!
I have talked about how we have dressed in the past and that we use a combination of shop bought and home crafted items, this year is the usual mixture of both, I have shop bought dresses with hand sewn/ knitted items to compliment and then one extra special outfit!
can’t wait to show our faery makes after the event!

I feel like since half term started I haven’t stopped and I can now feel it is all catching up with me, so have taken a few days to rest so I am good for the weekend, I probably won’t blog much – if at all- till after the weekend. so if you are going it will be good to see you, if not have a great weekend, and maybe see you next year!?

by Juniper Askew

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