Faery Bubbles!

June 27th, 2014

One thing we all love is bubbles right!? My two kids (and us big kids) most certainly do!

Faery’s make the most epic bubbles you will ever see!

Firstly though I would like to say a massive thank you to Jane (and the lovely pirate at her side!) one morning we got up and dressed the children so they could have a run about around the tent while we got ready and sorted things for the day…after a good layer of sun cream we let them out with the faery’s to play in the morning sun….A tent or two away was Jane, a lovely faery with Bubbles! she kept my two pixies amused playing with bubbles while we got ourselves ready!

Jane I really can’t THANK YOU enough, it was such a help!

Bubble jane

3 wishes faery fest 20143 wishes faery fest 2014

and this was the view behind them
and this was the view behind them!

watching bubbles float past
watching bubbles float past!

catching bubbles

There are always bubble somewhere in the faery realm, nothing better than loosing yourself in following a bubble!

Bubble friend
Bubble friend!

huge bubblessolstice bubbles
huge bubbles… …in front of the solstice sun

Thank you all the faery’s who had bubbles, they were sooo pretty and we all love playing with them!

just another reason we love this festival soooooo much!

by Juniper Askew

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