Easy & Colourful Garter Stitch Blankets

April 12th, 2016

It has been holidays here so I thought it would be best to have a project (or two) that is really easy, that I am very unlikely to make mistakes on. With lots of things to do during the holidays and the kids running about I needed something that I could pick up and not wonder where in the pattern I am, I can just pop it down to do something with the family and not worry about finishing a section or losing my way.

I chose to make some baby blankets, I made one with wide stripes in stocking stitch.

These stripes are knitted so the stripes are vertical rather than the usual horizontal (left to right)

vertical stripe stocking stitch blanket
vertical stripes- stocking stitch blanket

I also made one with some leftover yarn, this one is not finished yet.

It is very simple but affective, it is all garter stich with stripes of different colours. I am just changing the colour after two rows making an easy but effective pattern

Garter stitch stripe Blanket 1
Garter stitch stripe Blanket

As I mentioned these blankets are very easy so great when I don’t want to concentrate and they are great to make in anyone’s favourite colours I think this blanket a great project for beginners

They are also so very affective in just two colours

Garter stitch stripe Blanket
Garter stitch two colour stripe Blanket

by Juniper Askew

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