Chocolate Bowls & Heart Sugar Cubes

September 9th, 2014

I haven’t done all that much knitting in the last week or so, however I have managed to make a shawl and finish another so just a few to go.

I have been crafting away at a few other fun items, I had a few friends over for tea and I made some bits to have over the day,

I love my tea, I am so very British! but I wanted to try something a little different so I tried making sugar cubes!

not you boring square ones, what I wanted was roses and hearts!, unfortunately I could not find any roses but had fun making lots of hearts, you can do any shape you want using chocolate moulds or ice cube trays, the possibility’s are endless when you start looking!

I made these hearts in different colours, and now I have tried and tested the colour ones I can tell you they really do not affect the colour or taste of your tea!

pink shaped sugar cubes, coloured, heart shape

You only need a teeny bit of warm water with sugar to make these, it is best off to start with less and add more, you are just making the sugar damp, rather like when sugar goes lumpy because it is damp….like when kettle steam gets in the sugar pot…if it is too wet they don’t dry well in the moulds and are too wet when you tern them out!

Once you have mixed the water into the sugar….be patient as it takes a while to spread it throughout the sugar, put it into the moulds and leave for a while, then you can the turn it out, I recommend turning it out and then leaving it to dry some more to make sure it is all dry, don’t be afraid to play around with how much water you need till you get an idea of how much, it may take a few go’s.

When it came to doing colours I put the warm water in a bowl then added the food dye as the colour was very strong if not watered down! then I took from this coloured water to make coloured cubes….

You can also make ‘coffee cubes’ think how yummy it would be to have flavoured cubes to go in your coffee, you can have vanilla or caramel, or even mint! so may coffee flavours out there to play with, just add syrup or flavouring to the sugar instead of water to make a flavoured ‘coffee cube’

I also made some chocolate bowls, this was my first attempt at this, and I will defiantly be doing it again!

I have to admit..though I would rather not…my first attempt was not very successful! the chocolate was too thin and collapsed in on itself, so defiantly more is best!

the way to make bowls is to put melted-then cooled- choccy onto a balloon, make sure you clean and geese the balloon first, and I found having then squishy helped

chocolate bowls, chocolate on balloon white chocolate

I put the chocolate on with a palate knife, it does need to be quite thick so you can spread it onto the balloon!

chocolate bowls, chocolate on balloon white chocolate

Put them in the fridge and after they have cooled and gone hard you can cut the end off the balloon and take it away leaving you with a bowl 😀


to make sure I had enough covering it and no holes I put on a nice layer of brown choccy and then once that was cool I put a layer of white over that filling in all the gaps and making sure it would be thick enough, this made the inside brown and outside white 😀

we put ice cream in ours yummy!

give it a try I am sure you will love them as much as we did!

by Juniper Askew

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