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November 6th, 2013

By  Judith Brodnicki

By Judith Brodnicki

Things are coming along so well with the film so much work put into making it happen and I can’t believe how quickly these people work, it is very impressive! we will get to know more about what we will be knitting soon and although I am positively bursting to get going I have quite a few bits I need to get done while waiting, but you know me I like a few things going at once!

I have been thinking,dangerous I know! during world war one children knitted a lot, they were so accomplished and could knit without looking!

I know a little miss j who is just like this, she makes me smile because she wants to learn to knit without looking now, at 8 years, so she can always knit when she is an old lady…

so I have been feeling for a few days that she should be involved in this project and could knit something up just like the children did during the war, today I ran it by the group and it will be great for her, and I am sure for other children to get involved, am heading out soon and hope to ask her 😀

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by Juniper Askew

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