Child is ill

October 21st, 2013

he’s been running a high temperature all weekend and it was clear on Sunday that he would not be going to school, my daughter has gone to “little school” and my husband has gone to the office today (he works from home most days)

we have watched a lot of films over the weekend and am sure we have many more in store, he’s not really doing much apart from camping out on the sofa and doing the odd drawing,

you can guess what I will be doing with my day!? yes knitting 😀 I will be starting a new pattern today, a jumper for my daughter so I have to pick the pattern, I do know I will be using sheep wool but I haven’t decided on the colour yet I have a few wool’s to choose from,

although my son is ill and his temp is very high he has told me he wants to do some of his knitting today, I’m not sure if he will do any but he is my child! knitting on the brain!

he will most likely help me pick my pattern out, I might get a little done in between taking temperature, giving meds and helping him knit!

we will see if knitting brings his temp down!

so our day will be full of knitting, perfect….

by Juniper Askew

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