Challaborough beach

August 2nd, 2016

We live Right by the sea, big built up city with amazing views of the sea, lots of areas around us are cliff edges, or stony beaches, but you do not have to go far to feel the sand between your toes and the cool lush waves, we took a trip out to one of my Favourite beaches when I was a tiny Mermaid, it was warm but cloudy, having said that some of our group managed to get sun burn! it was great for disabled access as there is a slope and I think you can borrow beach wheelchairs!

the sea is such a big wide free space which us mermaids would love to explore!


Sand between the toes….and everywhere else!


Bury me…..

beach bury

for lunch!


tribe kisses!

beach kisses

the gods gave us rocks to chill on

rock lounge

and sand for burying brothers in after getting a sand shower!

burying brothers in sand

great day, great memories!

by Juniper Askew

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