chain stitch, and the morning with my son!

October 12th, 2013

it’s rather early especially for me, I have to admit I am lucky, my husband gets up, gives the children breakfast and brings me tea in bed, I know  am very lucky and really appreciate him doing it, once upon a time I got up and made him breakfast and saw him off to work but due to illnesses we have fallen into this pattern and it works well for us, but today I am up with my son, the barmy one! and we are sat on the sofa while I type this, and with a project on my lap, we will wait a while and see if there are any stirrings in the house and in a little while get breakfast, while we wait for the rest of of the hose to wake I will be stitching around some letters on a scarf (i will be sharing the scarf with you soon) and hopefully my son can get some knitting done before his little sister comes along and trys to run away with his ball!

It is nice to be up, just the two of us, I don’t get to do it much any more and I actually miss it! I am aware that in most houses mums are first up and get there children breakfast and I miss that, sometimes it is the little things!

and I am liking that I have the chance to talk to him about knitting and stitching and explain what I am doing without the distractions around and chatting about school and his class, the things he learnt and likes doing, we don’t discuss school much because he always says he can’t remember or will tell me another time, then never does, I am sure all you parents out there know how frustrating and a little disappointing that is, it must be a morning thing, or a weekend morning thing because I know on most week day mornings we get mostly grunts!

as much as I usually dislike mornings this one is pretty good!

this is the stitching and chain I technique i have been using

my stitches…

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 1

come up through the fabric/knitting (same for first stitch)

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 2

go back down trough same hole

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 3

come out a little further along and pull the yarn most of the way through leaving a loop

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 4

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 5

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 6

(I did 2 bars from between the stitches and the two bars that make the stitch when going in the other direction)

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 7

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 8

then back trough the loop and pull (but not too tight or it will pukka!)

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 9

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 10

to form the stitch

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 11

Chain Stitch 13-10-12 12

happy stitching x

*more chain stitch

how to do chain stitch quicker

finishing chain stitch

by Juniper Askew

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2 comments on “chain stitch, and the morning with my son!”

  1. Talking Trees Gallery commented on 12th October 20131:53 pm

    My finishing techniques are not great and I have Ziploc bags filled with projects that need to be sewn together! Recovery is a long road. I had a brain tumor 17 years across both frontal lobes and I use knitting to improve my brain function. I blog now, so that's an improvement! It's so hard when you're living with the pain to see it will get better, but this morning sounds like a jewel.

  2. juniperaskew commented on 12th October 20133:06 pm

    got here in the end i had some trouble commenting as myself!! it’s great to here that you are able to use knitting to aid your recovery, it has helped me more than anyone could Imagen! i have good days and bad days, on the bad days my knitting looks lie my son has done it and my finishing touches are not usually this good, so i am pleased, mind you i still have 3 letters to go! i hate sewing so i can understand why you haven’t got round to it, but just getting projects knitted up is an achievement in itself! one thing i have learnt is to cling on to good days like today because they make all the pain and hard work worth it! you sound like you are moving forwards, for many people just starting to blog is a big step forwards, i know it is for me, i have to admit i haven’t gotten round to reading many blogs, partly because i find it hard to read and get tired from it but mostly i am still learning how to navigate the whole thing of reading other peoples blog, i know i shouldn’t find it but i am hopeless! take care and keep kntting xx

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