Can Knitting In the Round Reduce Pain?

July 15th, 2014

I absolutely love knitting in the round, I hate seams,  mostly because I am lazy! I thought it was just a lot easier not having to sew up seams and time saving too, as well as that I have a son who hates how seams feel against him so it ticks all the right boxes for me!

I have been knitting a jumper this week that has seams, it’s no problem I am confident sewing them up and it can be quite therapeutic, but after doing half a side seam I did notice that my shoulder was aching quite a bit and my neck has been playing up! The more I sew the worse it is getting, I think this is because I am looking down a lot so I can stitch in the right place , it is a bad position for my neck and that then means it is pulling on my shoulder too! I tried having my work higher but then my arm and shoulder ached more, but my neck did improve a little, I wonder if it is the same for others or if it is because of the unusual things my body does? (because of my EDS)

Also knitting with metal needles lately (as I mentioned in my last post) may not have helped, but I do think I am mostly recovered from that now 🙂

In conclusion – knitting in the round, so that I avoid sewing seams, defiantly reduces my pain, and is well worth it for me.

Just another great reason I love my circular needles 😀

for more on knitting needles and pain and a little of my story;

Knitting Needles For EDS & Pain

by Juniper Askew

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