Bunny Rabbit Pattern – In Garter Stitch

April 20th, 2014

I have shown you my two stocking stitch bunny’s and now it is time to introduce one more, this is ‘Midnight’.

I have found that people who start out on the knitting journey soon get board of practicing knitting and purling and quickly want to move on to making something out of their new skill, and I also find that they are much more comfortable using garter stitch when they are learning patterns especially if it has something new such as increases and decreases, the problem is that there really aren’t all that many patterns out there for people who want to make things such as bunny’s and although it does encourage them to do it in stocking stitch why should they have to!?

with children it is more of a problem, they are so keen to make something such as a soft toy and they are more than capable of learning simple increases and decreases, but doing a whole pattern in stocking stitch just seems such a chore for them, I find that for quite a while if they can get away with not doing the purl stitches then they will,

so to encourage them along, and other knitters too, I wrote THIS bunny rabbit pattern in garter stitch

midnight bunny
Bunny in garter stitch

and I have to say I absolutely loved it, I did over stuff him quite a bit mind, but then maybe he just ate one too many choccy eggs!?

I had thought that I would like the stocking stitch bunny more but it turned out that garter stitch produced a much more snuggely bunny šŸ˜€

so give it a go weather you are a beginner or just looking for a soft cuddly bunny,or know someone who is ready to tackle some increases and decreases,

I hope you enjoy it!

bunny in stocking stitch – Here

bunny in garter stitch – Here

by Juniper Askew

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