Blanket Squares & other Quick Knits

March 24th, 2015

I have been a busy bee in the last few weeks, with my eds giving me headaches possibly because my shoulder dislocated stopping me from knitting much, I decided to make some hats, neck warmers and blankets, I made my daughter this neck warmer and she won’t take it off! She has been wearing it all day every day!

Neck Warmer
Neck Warmer

she asked for a sparkly one too which I made but she wont wear it so I will send it off to a charity that will make good use of it, I figured I could always make her another one if she changes her mind!

As well as knitting up neck warmers I have been making simple blanket squares and now have the task of sewing them all together, something I do not usually enjoy but am finding it surprisingly relaxing. I am still working my way through my own purple blanket squares but thought I should do some bits to send off to people who need them more.
These are the knits I have been working my way through in the last two weeks

Assorted Knits

on another note I am starting to think the internet doesn’t want to be friends any more but I am persevering! We have had some problems getting on to the blog and are slowly working our way through old posts as the pictures seemed to have disappeared!! Thankfully everyone else could see the blog just not me! And some pictures are already back 😀

by Juniper Askew

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