Best way to Rip back knitting!

October 27th, 2013

I have four sleeves to knit, no not all on one top silly! a child’s jumper and one for myself, it’s getting a bit frustrating as it’s all about sleeves at the moment and it seems like forever, today I had to rip back more than half a sleeve!!! I could have cried!

This jumper I am doing for my son, it’s a seed stitch body and stocking stitch arms, no pattern we are making this one up at we go!

it is great to spend time with him doing creating from scratch just how he wants it, but today was frustrating….

as I have no pattern to work from I am doing this as I go along, needles in hand and lots of notes, I usually have some idea in my head as to what I want and where I’m going with it but to really get into a pattern I need to have my yarn and needles and get going, I know some people like to do it this way and other like to work out the full pattern before they touch any needles, that’s just not me maybe I’m a bit eager and maybe I’ll have less ripping back if I worked the pattern out first, but knowing me the pattern would most probably be wrong!

well as I said I had to go back half way up a nearly completed arm,this was worked from top to bottom (shoulder to wrist) I needed to decrease along the arm to the wrist and when I got there I still had a lot more stitches than I wanted!

I had decided not far from half way that I needed to increase then gradually decrease, but when I got to the wrist I had the horrible realisation that the increases half way were not necessary 🙁 and needed to be taken out, oh the disappointment!

only one thing I could do….. put markers in and prepared to unravel…..oh the thought of it!

At this point I took a big sigh and looked up out of my window to the birds sitting on the bush! and there it was out the corner of my eye (inert little light bulb here ‘PING!’) the wool winder! my nan had lent it to us for my son to enjoy!

I was nearly at the end of my yarn ball, and I mean nearly, only a few feet left, so I attached the wool to the winder took the needles off and slowly wound the wool pulling my work apart and as I got close to my markers,where I went wrong, I slipped my needles back on and with a quick check for dropped ones I was done, one neat ball of wool and no dropped stitches…. now usually if it wasn’t far in I would undo it without taking needles off at all and just work it back to the mistake, but that would just take far too long and a few dropped stitches don’t scare me!

OR another way to stop dropped stitches is to pick up all the stitches in the row BELOW your mistake and then rip back, this way you should end where you want and with all your stitches on your needle, i find this easier with a needle one size smaller than you are working with!

so now I am back to decreasing and have a lot to re-do but I think I saved a lot of time and effort

As it turns out my biggest regret….not taking pictures to share!!

by Juniper Askew

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