Back With Cake!

February 10th, 2015

This time of year is cake season for us!

I have been off line for a while with no internet and my computer has been playing up.

After I got over the frustration of not having my beloved computer around I got use to it and found I rather liked being without, it is surprising how much time I freed up!
That free time was largely used to spend time with family, celebrating birthdays and eating cake.
The season is kicked off with my beautiful niece she turned 2 at the end of December, here she is with one of the lovely tutu’s we love making! When I was making others I knew she would love one too!


My mother-in-law, sister in law (and I think her hubby) made a fantastic olaf cake, it is very impressive!!

Olaf Cake

Over the years we have made many birthday cakes unfortunately due to my mobility I do less now but still love planning and being a part of it, my husband does the mixing and baking and we both do some decorating, we always did birthday cakes together but now all the baking is down to him, and he is good at it!
We made this pony cake, it is meant to be ‘princess twilight sparkle’ (before she got wings) this actually took a lot of doing cutting out pieces and icing them all in different colours, it took rather a lot longer than we had first thought, but well worth the time when we saw the look on our daughters face 😀

Princess Twilight Sparkle Cake

And for her birthdays tea we had an array of faery foods, yum
This is faery food, faery wands and faery bread

Fairy Food

And we had faery tea in tiny cups (delivered to us by faerys!)

Tiny Fairy Tea Cups

The icing from the tail turned her tongue blue/purple, and you can see the inside of the cake!

Purple Tongue

Then we had the rather difficult task of making what we had thought would be a simple Mario cake, just a Mario hat round cake with red icing simple right!?…it took a long time but we got there in the end, it was the peak of the hat that caused us some bother.

Super Mario Hat Cake

It’s a bit messy from our eagerness to eat it but this is the inside of the cake, it was rather yummy!

Inside Super Mario Hat Cake

we were still finishing munching our way through the pony cake so we froze half of this one!

More yummy party food we had faery wands before these are lightsabers/platypus tails… according to my son!

Party Food

And lastly is this very yummy chocolate cake, decorated by my 4 year old daughter. As she was mixing the icing she decided that the rather lovely marble effect was the most perfect colours so we went with it, one thing I have learnt is that if you are making a cake with smarties on you get this bubble effect around them so best wait till last minute to put them on, these were put on the day before but were fine for eating.

Smarties Cake

I have to say this cake was good! I usually have one slice of cake and then let the others eat the rest of it, but I ate a piece of this every day till it was gone, and I have to admit although I am usually all caked out by now I really could eat more of this yummy cake!
One more cake to go but it is a few weeks away.

Now I am back on line I have an awful lot of catching up to do, things are still running slow and I take the time to type and it doesn’t post things! but I am persisting for now. At least I have some internet!
I am trying to figure out what I have missed so feel free to tell me or ask me again, or even remind me, I shall get there in the end
Hope everyone has had a fantastic start to the year

by Juniper Askew

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