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June 29th, 2014

As you may have noticed I could blog about the faery fest until solstice 2015!

But I have had to face that it is over and blog about other things too, I will still have a few blogs about 3 wishes I am sure but for now back to the Knitting.

Since being back I have cast on a project…or a few! ( you know me, I can never have just one thing on the go!)

This first one started off looking like bunting but I think that it is lass like bunting now!? I am going to keep you guessing at what this is!

looks like bunting

As you can see there are two pieces to my knit, I am knitting them at the same time so two separate bits with two separate balls of yarn šŸ˜€

To my great disappointment I have already had two problems with one of the balls, not a great start!

Knot in my Debbie Bliss yarn!

fault in Debbie bliss yarn

I am really not happy about this, I often encounter problems, faults and knots, and just deal with them and carry on, but with such nice yarn (Debbie Bliss) and twice! I am finding myself getting increasingly frustrated, I usually just roll my eyes and knit on, but this time, for some reason it has really hit a nerve…lets just hope it doesn’t happen too much more!

I have also knitted up some hand warmers for a charity stall (Knitters and natters charity matters) they are holding a food themed stall so I thought I would whip up a pair of hand warmers for them, I made these light weight so they are ideal for cool summer days or evenings, I would love to make more of these, I think they would look lovely in light blue!?

knitted cup cake hand warmers

knitted cup cake hand warmers

The edging is done with chain stitch embroidery

I would love the opportunity to make someone a pair of these with a matching hat…maybe a cup cake trim at the bottom?

Also the website is coming along nicely now, I know you cannot see much but work is being done on it behind the scenes and the recent conversation I have had with Grove Web Solutions sounds promising šŸ˜€

This is my current website were you can get to THIS blog, everything will be moved over to it but for now it gives you a feel of something new šŸ˜€

by Juniper Askew

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