Artist Before Knitter!

May 1st, 2014

I am not sure if this is a surprise or not and I would think it is fairly safe to say that most knitters are very crafty, the knitters I have met often like many other crafts such as paper crafts, needle point, painting, working with clay….I could go on endlessly bout you get my drift…

Well I always think I was an artist first! my real passion is Batik, l love everything from getting the wax right for the project to the way you can work with colours, and along side that I love painting too, often my paintings and batiks would be in a set, one of each, and often a big set of different colours…

There is a way of working with dyes that you just cant get with anything else and I can sit for hours and hours working with them!

Another craft i love is sewing but the artist in me always used my sewing skills to produce art rather than making clothes!

The problem for me came when having children, hot wax and children really don’t mix well, and always on the go art no longer fitted into my lifestyle 🙁

And this was when I took up knitting again,Knitting really did fit into that on-the-go parenting and i took it everywhere with me, i even breastfed while knitting and i am sure the motion helped sooth my little one,

I started with garments and moved onto creating my own things on the needles, I love it and I get board easily if I’m not making patterns or working in colour!

The last few months have gotten me thinking, I have felt the artist in me awakening, and ideas coming into my head, popping up when I least expect it…then out came the ‘old’ art works and off my little mind went with splashes of colour and fab designs, paintings and batiks inspired by artists, nature, and architecture…

I love making garments and they are really practical, and you can do so much with the yarn available to us but I feel like I am being held back and not stretching myself, my creativity is being held back and it is a constant battle to stop myself getting carried away!

I feel it really shouldn’t be this way, I am always the first to say,

just pick up your needles and yarns and see where they take you

The possibility’s are endless and I do believe that going with the flow will produce something amazing

I have a jam packed knitting year this year, I am making things ww1 related, knitting for a wedding, general knits for family members (dressing gown and jumpers) and over 80 knits for a charity project I suggested, and with other Charity items and things people are asking me to knit I have little time to be artistic, don’t get me wrong I am loving doing these things and I have to admit I am in my element.

I absolutely love being busy with knitting!

However being this busy doesn’t have to mean that I can’t make plans and come up with ideas, and by the time next year is here I think the artist in me will be fully awakened,

And I know just what my first project will be!

by Juniper Askew

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