Am I Prepared!?

December 20th, 2013

It’s the night before Alban Arthan for us and we really should be ready, the idea was that we would have nearly everything wrapped last night so we weren’t up to the wee hours wrapping, well that went out the window at around 1.30 last night when we were tooo tierd from finishing off the last few bits to do (my husband still has some crochet to finish tonight!), we didn’t do any wrapping yesterday!

Thankfully my youngest was at pre-school today so we had more time to prepare without too much mayhem! they even did a mini Alban Arthan celebration! and went to the woods to celebrate, love them for doing that!

So my son and I iced the cakes and made preparations, while my husband tided and prepared, we have started on the veg and made the stuffing but there is so much still to do!!

Lots more veg to prepare and some pressies to finish wrapping, then we need to get all of the pressies out of every sneaky hiding place, if we can remember them all!! and still sneak to bed with the hope the children don’t wake in the night!!

my daughter is already excited about the morning, she is nearly 3 years, i am not sure if she will be quite as excited when we tell her we will be going out to see the son come up! it will most likely be cold and wet, and i would have thought windy too!…. but the thought of egg and bacon for breakfast and a nice hot choccy to warm us will entice us home and happy we went out, with my mobility it wont be far this year so not far from yummy things!

I do feel prepared, just a little veg to prepare ,some pressies to wrap, and yule log to ice, I also have to clear the sofa next to me of yarn, patterns and needles and try to be good and not knit! but I feel more ready than any other year! time will tell if we get to bed before 3am, one thing is for sure, I wont get to bed if I’m sat here typing away! have a good Alban Arthan /Alban Hefin, yuletide, solstice, midwinter/midsummer, or any other ‘title’ you use for the day, weather in the southern or northern hemisphere and whatever you call your day, have a god one xxx

by Juniper Askew

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