A Quick Update!

January 16th, 2014

Well at last it is going well, yaay! It was just a matter of getting the stitches and tension/needle size right and perfect, I do feel a little pressure to get this one right more so than I usually would! not because it is for my in-law but because I really want it to be right! and for it to be comfortable for her! this jumper really is made with love and I feel like maybe I can show all that love through a jumper…. if your not a knitter you would call me crazy, love through a jumper! mad as a knitter…oh wait that’s not right!!….is it?

I am a fair way in now…well a good few inches….and my mind has started wandering what I should do with the 3 lengths I have already made!? so many possibilities! and I am glad I did not rip it all back! I just knew buying that extra yarn ‘just in case’ was a good idea!

You should know me by now never happy with just one thing and as this is mostly just plain garter stitch a change can be good so I knitted up some hand warmers to send off to a charity for homeless people, when we had that cold windy weather a few days ago it did make me feel for anyone who don’t have a warm place to go to so grabbed some yarn and knitted them up, they are super duper quick.

black hand warmers

black hand warmers

Also while I am knitting this jumper I will be knitting a shawl for the ww1 film as part of the group Orkney to Omaha!

It is a really simple pattern (don’t hold me to that when I am sobbing into my ripped back work!) I can’t wait to get going but I fear I will want to keep it! I am sure we have all felt that way at some point!?

A few bits to keep me going and quite a bit in between I am sure.




by Juniper Askew

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