A Knitting Dilemma!

November 2nd, 2013

I had said I wouldn’t post about this for a little while, not because I don’t want to share but because I have quite a few projects I would like to finish and share they are easy but seem complicated till you really break it down!

Anyway that aside I shall explain what it is I wasn’t going to share yet…

a little under two weeks ago there was a call out for knitters, not just ones that are superb, you know, the ones we feel ourselves wishing we were as talented as! don’t get me wrong there are a good amount of people on this project who are just so amazing and inspirational, but also calling the every day knitters who like me are happily knitting away at home learning as we knit up things for children, friends and family, knitting up things we like how we want them and just experimenting sometimes, a hobby! just something we enjoy doing, in my case always doing!…..and while still including the knitters who have just started, the ones who are still learning and achieving great things and i see the comments saying they can do simple things and I think ‘don’t under sell yourself you can pick it up so quick once you are shown how’ i love new knitters, there is just something in them young or old when they are learning something new and achieving it! its like watching a flower bloom! and it happens over and over just keeps blooming with every new technique learnt!

We accepted the request around 100 of us all picked up our needles and crochet hooks and let Pauline know we are ready when she is!

we are Orkney to Omaha!

and it just seemed to snow ball, so many great people all together

this project is for the 100 year anniversary of the first world war, a film about a family who lived through this war. So knits had to be sourced from the right era, early 1900, there are simple hats and socks to make to complicated fine cable work, at this point I realised, when asked, I could do this and it would be great to do, I would love it, BUT I know there are so many people in the group who have much more experience with cable knitting and could produce exquisite work! yeah I could go ahead and knit it and I would produce something similar but that is not the point of working on a project like this. someone else can do it and it would look fantastic! it would be no use at all if it had to be reworked on a deadline because I didn’t feel confident and took it on.

yes it is good to do things that push you past your comfort zone but I believe there is a time for this, is this the right time? I am sure I will get items on this project that are challenging for me and I will love it!

so the dilemma…. do it and take the risk? or just say that I think it is better suited for someone else!?

well working as a team is important we all need to be able to say I CAN do that and also say that it would be best to pass to someone more experienced I know I will not be judged as incapable of doing it and I know that the people involved will be happy that I have said this and hold no judgement on me as a knitter!

it is something that I do try to make sure I bring across to the people involved, it is ok to say what you are happy with because on a main item like this one it can put the whole production into a really bad situation and do I want that on my shoulders!?

also if I start something and struggle I would be happy to say I am struggling and need help, this is important in everything we do in life. how on earth are we going to learn if we never tell people we are struggling! this is how we learn, we seek guidance from elders or people who have the experience. Same as mistakes, my father always says it is good to make a mistake as long as you take it on board and try to learn from it, and I often hear his voice in my head when things go a little wonky in life, he taught me to talk about these things because mistakes are just mistakes but NOT fixing them can be much worse!

so NO I am not doing this item of knitting, not because I can’t but  because there’s no good reason for me to be the one who knits this!

I can’t wait to see the finished item…hopefully in person (tough unlikely)

I will be talking a lot about this project over the next…erm 10 months (ish)

hopefully with pictures and tips on knits, and the progress of this project and the film,

I posted this to the group and it really sums up how I feel…towards the end of typing I welled up I think because Until now I really hadn’t fully realised what our whole country pulled together and did for us ‘the future generations!!’

“i still can’t believe how short the time really is feels like it has been longer i think because i have got to know some fantastic people and i’m really interested in this period of history, i like it taking up my time, i am learning much more than just knitting things, most i have learnt is about life in that period as well as the war itself! home life and colours! and what clothes people wore,the different ‘classes’ and how everyone came together far and wide which is exactly what we are doing now nearly 100 years later and like gill said i will not only be remembering the men who gave there lives to make a better world for us to live in but the people at home keeping them all supplied even though for some their hearts were breaking as they worried about their close ones!”

on remembrance day take the time to think about your whole country!

by Juniper Askew

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3 comments on “A Knitting Dilemma!”

  1. Sheila Cunnea commented on 4th November 20132:55 pm

    Great post, enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Judith commented on 5th November 20131:17 am

    Really wonderful post, girlfriend! You're right: we all work on this where we can and let go where we need to let go. I'm a fairly accomplished knitter, but even this relatively simple pattern I'm working on (the Vest Scarf) is throwing some challenges at me just in terms of interpreting a very old set of instructions! I really think that all of those knitting the scarves and hats and mittens and such will be contributing as much as everyone else, particularly because it's an act of love to do that much garter stitch! ;)

    1. juniperaskew commented on 5th November 20131:22 pm

      thank you,ahh yes gater stitch love it but it can drag on a bit xx

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