2year old choosing a project!

November 15th, 2013

Today we were in a shop to buy some yarn for a few holiday knits, we ventured out in the wheelchair, my daughter has been a little unwell so she sat on my lap for a bit of a rest, all of a sudden she has an out cry of ‘that one’ pointing at the whole shelf….so we wheeled in closer and asked again, with the finger still pointing and moving as we moved so it was still pointing at the right yarn…she looked so happy and pleased with herself as she pulled the small ball off the shelf and rubbed it, I asked if she liked it and wanted it and she was positive that she wanted it!

She then proceeded to shove it on her arm… now most people would think this is barmy right? there she was trying to shove her hand right trough the middle to the other side, and it dawned on me, she wanted what everyone else had, what I had promised I would make her soon… some hand warmers, she has both arm warmers and wrist warmers but nothing that comes up over the hand

so I asked her if she wanted me to knit her some and with her big blue eyes open wide she twists round and looks up at me ‘YES PLEASE MUMMY’ how could I resist! we bought the yarn and I will make her up some hand warmers, possibility hand warmer/mitts with the yarn she wants…i am sure this is the first request of many!

by Juniper Askew

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2 comments on “2year old choosing a project!”

  1. Talking Trees Gallery commented on 15th November 20139:33 pm

    This is so cute and makes sense! Children are hotbodies, but they're so small, they get cold faster! I'm glad she found what she wanted!

    1. juniperaskew commented on 11th December 20137:09 pm

      for some reason i didn't see this...i am nearly finished them now but they are a little different to what she asked or so hope she will like them! i am loving that she is now old enough to pick what yarn she wants and tell what she would like made :D

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